Neville's hydrocarbon resins are especially useful in enhancing traditional type bitumen and the many polymer modified asphalt systems used in today's high performance roofing products.

Benefits Provided by Neville Resins in Roofing 

  • Functions as an excellent tackifier
  • Improves cold weather workability to increase contractor's seasonal window
  • Select resins can be used to increase cohesive strength
  • Hydrocarbon resins will provide exceptional water resistance

Neville’s Resins for Roofing

  • Roofing Adhesives

- NP-10  Technical Data Sheet  -  Safety Data Sheet
- NP-25  Technical Data Sheet  -  Safety Data Sheet
- LX®-3100  Technical Data Sheet  -  Safety Data Sheet
- LX®-3120  Technical Data Sheet  -  Safety Data Sheet
NEVTAC® series