Neville manufactures quality hydrocarbon resins for use in Concrete Curing compounds. These compounds are applied to freshly poured concrete as a coat that seals in the moisture. This enables the concrete hydration process to complete while reducing the costs of materials and labor normally used to cover the concrete.

The Neville resins listed below are tailored for concrete curing compounds. They are packaged in bags as flakes or delivered in bulk as solutions in solvents such as Mineral Spirits.

BENEFITS of LX®-238 and LX®-1144 LV based Cure Compounds

  • When properly applied, the cure compound produces a premium-grade film, which optimizes water retention.

  • Produces hard, dense concrete …minimizes thermal cracking, dusting, and excessive shrinkage.

  • Offers a compressive strength significantly greater than improperly cured or uncured concrete.

  • Increases tensile strength for greater resistance to cracking and surface crazing.

  • Improves resistance to abrasion and the corrosive actions of salts and chemicals.

  • Can be applied quickly and easily with conventional commercial spray equipment.

Neville’s Resins for Concrete Cure