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DCPD Resins

The LX® series offers a cost-effective solution for various applications.
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CUMAR® Resins

CUMAR® resins are thermoplastic, low molecular weight, hydrocarbon polymers.
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C9 Resins

These versatile resins are used in a wide variety of adhesive, ink and coatings formulations.
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Epoxy Modifiers

NEVOXY® EPX resins are low molecular weight, phenolic modified styrenic liquid resins.
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C5 Resins

NEVTAC® resins are thermoplastic low molecular weight, C5 and aromatic modified aliphatic tackifying resins.
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Bio-Hybrid & Bio-Based

VERSADIL® and NEVSTAIN® products combine the best of Neville’s resin technology with bio-renewables to improve performance and reduce carbon footprint.
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Copyright © 2024 Neville Chemical 
All Rights Reserved.
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