NEVOXY® NPH Bio-hybrid Epoxy Modifier– Offset to Nonylphenol

Nonylphenol is under increased environmental regulation due to its hazardous nature as a toxic endocrine disruptor and persistence in aquatic environments. Specifically, it has recently been subject to increased regulation in the US and various other countries, and has been banned in the European Union. Nonylphenol is used in 2K [...]
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Looking for the Perfect Tackifier? Look No Further Than Nevtac®

In the world of adhesives, pressure-sensitive applications, and hot melt products, achieving the ideal balance of tack and other properties is crucial. That’s where Neville Chemical’s C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resins come in. Made from readily available petroleum feedstocks like isoprene and piperylene, these innovative resins offer a unique combination of [...]
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Celebrate Our Summer Interns: Maggie & Alyssa!

We’re excited to welcome Maggie Young and Alyssa Yates to Neville as our Summer 2024 interns!   Maggie is a Chemical Engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh. Alyssa is studying Environmental Engineering also at the University of Pittsburgh. We’re thrilled to have Maggie and Alyssa onboard and can’t wait to [...]
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Adhesive and Sealant Council Convention 2024

  Thanks to the attendees who stopped by our booth at last week’s 2024 Adhesive and Sealant Council Convention and Expo in Louisville, KY. We enjoyed the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and showcase how Neville Chemical can be a valuable partner in your success. We encourage you to [...]
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Neville Chemical at the American Coatings Show (ACS)

Indianapolis, IN – April 15, 2024 – Neville Chemical is excited to announce our attendance at the upcoming American Coatings Show (ACS).  The show is being held at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN from April 30th to May 2nd, 2024. The ACS is North America’s leading coatings event, uniting [...]
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Neville Holds Successful Spring Food Drive for Coraopolis Community

For the third year in a row, Neville employees came together this Spring to hold a food drive for the Coraopolis Community Development (CCD) food pantry. This vital resource provides groceries to Coraopolis and Neville Island residents facing food insecurity. The drive collected a total of 123 boxes of cereal [...]
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Herb Waltenspiel, Sr. Corporate Account Manager, has retired

    Pittsburgh, PA (April 1, 2024) – It is with mixed emotions that we announce the retirement of Sr. Corporate Account Manager Herb Waltenspiel.  Herb’s dedication and contributions have been invaluable to our team. Since joining Neville in 1993, Herb quickly established himself as an invaluable member of the [...]
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Copyright © 2024 Neville Chemical 
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