The goal of Neville Chemical's Environmental Department is simple; to protect the environment by generating less waste and reducing pollutant emissions. Neville is concerned about how their products and processes affect the environment, community and their employees.

In 1996, Neville formalized its corporate policy on pollution prevention. The policy emphasizes the importance of the commitment of management and employees to achieve the goals of the program. These are some of the policy objectives: - Establish a waste and release reduction evaluation process to identify pollution prevention opportunities through periodic assessments. - Achieve ongoing reduction at our facilities in the generation of wastes and releases to the environment. - Integrate pollution prevention principles into business planning, product development and facility improvement to improve productivity and quality. - Consider the potential impact of wastes and releases on the environment and the health and safety of employees and the community. - Communicate with employees and the public regarding waste and release information.

Please contact John Ferguson for more information on Neville's Environmental department.