Exciting Highlights from the International Elastomer Conference

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Liwei Yu, Joe Rosmus, Lou Benvenuti and our consultant Howard Colvin, who is the expert in the field of elastomer technology, made a remarkable impact at the recent International Elastomer Conference. The event, held in Cleveland, OH from Oct. 17-19, provided a platform for our experts to share their innovative research and insights with a global audience.

Dr. Liwei Yu’s Groundbreaking Study: Compatibility Study of Hydrocarbon Resins with SSBR/BR Rubber for Tire Applications

Dr. Liwei Yu, in particular, stood out by presenting their pioneering study in the Symposium: Advances in Tires. The presentation explored the profound influence of hydrocarbon resins on rubber compounds, specifically their impact on properties such as wet grip and rolling resistance. The study highlighted the vital role of compatibility between resins and rubber matrices in determining these performance characteristics. Dr. Yu’s research introduced the tire industry to the Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR), an innovative tool used to assess the Tg shift and Tan Delta peak height of uncured compounds containing hydrocarbon resins. By developing a curve-fitting model, Dr. Yu demonstrated the intricate relationship between these parameters and the physical and chemical properties of the resin. A comparison between DMA and DSR was conducted, showcasing the DSR’s utility in predicting certain performance attributes.

Unlocking New Possibilities: Contact Us for Collaborations

This research not only enhances our understanding of rubber/resin blends but also introduces a new screening tool for characterizing these blends in their green state. We welcome all interested parties to contact us for a copy of the presentation and explore exciting opportunities for collaboration on future projects.

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