Looking for the Perfect Tackifier? Look No Further Than Nevtac®

In the world of adhesives, pressure-sensitive applications, and hot melt products, achieving the ideal balance of tack and other properties is crucial. That’s where Neville Chemical’s C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resins come in. Made from readily available petroleum feedstocks like isoprene and piperylene, these innovative resins offer a unique combination of benefits that make them a game-changer for various industrial applications.

Neville’s C5 resins are known for their exceptional tackifying properties. They excel at enhancing the adhesive strength, bond strength, and cohesive force required in pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs). But that’s not all! These resins boast a low color profile, making them ideal for applications where color clarity is essential. Additionally, their low molecular weight distribution and minimal volatility ensure consistent performance and ease of use.

The versatility of C5 resins doesn’t stop there. They exhibit excellent compatibility with a wide range of materials, including phenolics, rubber, block copolymers, and even waxes. Furthermore, their solubility in common solvents like mineral spirits and toluene allows for easy incorporation into various formulations. With all these advantages, Neville’s C5 resins are the perfect choice for manufacturers seeking to elevate their products’ performance and functionality.

We offer a pure C5 resin in our Nevtac 100. Also available are our Nevtac LT and Nevtac 10, viscous liquid resins, and our C9 modified Super Nevtac 90.

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