NEVOXY® NPH Bio-hybrid Epoxy Modifier– Offset to Nonylphenol

Nonylphenol is under increased environmental regulation due to its hazardous nature as a toxic endocrine disruptor and persistence in aquatic environments. Specifically, it has recently been subject to increased regulation in the US and various other countries, and has been banned in the European Union. Nonylphenol is used in 2K epoxy systems as an accelerator, plasticizer, and viscosity reducer.

Neville Chemical Company has responded to these environmental concerns by developing a bio-hybrid resin offset, NEVOXY® NPH, which functionally replaces nonylphenol in 2K epoxy applications, without the harmful health and environmental impact of nonylphenol. NEVOXY® NPH can reduce the gel time of epoxy resin by 25%, very similar to the effects of nonylphenol at the same concentration.


NEVOXY® NPH also maintains a stable viscosity when reacted with a variety of amines, a critical feature to the workability of a nonylphenol replacement. This bio-hybrid resin maintains many important properties in a finished epoxy film, such as film hardness, impact resistance, flexibility, and chemical resistance. NEVOXY® NPH also provides performance enhancement by significantly improving the film adhesion to a substrate compared to nonylphenol.

This non-toxic epoxy additive is a great solution for manufacturers seeking a light color, low VOC alternative to circumvent current and future nonylphenol regulatory challenges in the coatings industry.

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