Neville hosts CAP Meeting

On Monday, June 12th, Neville hosted approximately 23 members of the Neville Island Community Advisory Panel (CAP) for a plant tour, meeting and dinner.

CAP was first organized in 1992 as the Aristech Community Advisory Panel.  Today the panel includes Ashland Performance Materials and the Neville Chemical Company and is designed to build a relationship between the community and sponsoring companies.  The panel serves as a forum for open discussion between residents of Neville Island, surrounding areas and representatives of the local companies.

The Neville Island Community Advisory Panel seeks improved communications, community and trust as its goals.

Neville Welcomes 2017 Summer Interns

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our 2017 summer interns - EJ Gordon, Brandon Dishler and Conor Peyton. 

EJ is pursing a BS in Economics and Mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh and is assigned to a Data Analytics internship.  He will be working in our Marketing, Accounting, IT and Manufacturing departments.

Brandon is pursuing a BS in Safety Management at Slippery Rock University.  He is working with our Director-Safety & Security.

Conor is pursuing a BS in Chemical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh.  He is working with our Chief Engineer.

We are glad to provide EJ, Brandon and Conor with the opportunity to gain valuable experience over the next couple of months.  Welcome to Neville!

Eastern Coatings Show

The Eastern Coatings Show will take place May 15-17, 2017, at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City, NJ. The show's intent is to offer educational and technical presentations which create an understanding of the theory, science, manufacturing and marketing of coatings.  

This is the ideal platform to meet with raw material, packaging or equipment suppliers and attend technical presentations and panel discussions on the latest technologies in the coatings industry.

NEVILLE CHEMICAL is always interested in working closely with our customers in the development of new and improved products that provide value that meet your business objectives.  Norm Szalkowski (Group Leader Coatings and Inks Business Development/Applications/Technical Service) and Carolyn Skillman (Chemist/Resin Synthesis & Coatings Applications) will be in attendance at the Show.  Please contact them to discuss Neville's products and how they may help improve the performance of your existing or developmental coating products.