New Product Announcement - NEVTAC® LT Liquid Resin

Neville Chemical Company is pleased to add NEVTAC LT to our C5 resin family of hydrocarbon resins. NEVTAC LT is a low softening point liquid aliphatic hydrocarbon tackifier.  Commercial launch is scheduled for June 2016. 

This highly aliphatic liquid resin is specifically designed to provide low temperature tackification and flexibility for elastomeric adhesives and sealants.

NEVTAC LT has a rheological Tg about -42.8 °C and yields a ring and ball softening point of about 5 °C. Rheological evaluation of NEVTAC LT when formulated in a generic SIS polymer based pressure sensitive adhesive demonstrates its high compatibility with the rubber mid-block with little to no compromise of the styrenic end-blocks. NEVTAC LT also enhances low temperature performance of modified asphalt sealants and self-adhered roofing materials.

Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets for NEVTAC LT are available on our C5 ALIPHATIC RESINS Product page.

Samples can be requested by contacting your Salesperson or calling our Adhesive Development and Applications Team at 412-777-4244.