Summer Interns 2019 - Jake Flaherty, Aaron Guche and Jacob Pittner

This Summer, we were happy to host three interns from the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering - Jake Flaherty, Aaron Guche and Jacob Pittner.  

Jake, who interned at Neville last Summer, was involved with the various demolition activities for our Hydrogenation Unit construction. He also worked with well repair and replacement, air line installations and Pipe Bent Replacement.

Aaron was a Neville intern last Fall He was also involved in demolition and preparation activities for the Hydrogenation Unit. He worked on the excavation and replacement of the main city water feed valve, oversaw grouting of 27 unused sewer pipes, engineered and ordered a design for the repair of C-74 sewer and coordinated the removal of unused piping.

Jacob joined us mid-Summer and contributed by also working on the Hydrogenation Unit project, conducting contractor Safety Training and working alongside Jake and Aaron.

We are grateful and thank these three young men for their contributions and hard work. We hope their experience at Neville will benefit their education and future endeavors.

Jacob Pittner (l), Jake Flaherty (c), Aaron Guche (r)

Jacob Pittner (l), Jake Flaherty (c), Aaron Guche (r)