Thank You – Olivia Lyscik and Drew Hershner

We want to thank our summer Engineering interns, Olivia Lyscik and Drew Hershner, for their contributions over the past few months. Both will be returning their studies for the fall semester. We hope their experience at Neville will benefit their education and future endeavors.


Olivia updated the plant’s Power/Communication Pole Database, making note of pole condition, location, and equipment. She was also involved in groundwater and wastewater sampling and contractor safety training. She assisted with various other projects in the plant such as the draining of Tank 13 and asbestos abatement.


Drew coordinated the repair of structural pipe supports, organized the replacement of several backflow preventers, and facilitated process sewer cleaning and inspections. He also documented nitrogen usage throughout the plant to help eliminate unnecessary expenses.

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Copyright © 2024 Neville Chemical 
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