Promotion Announcement – Richard E. Radi

Neville Chemical Company is pleased to announce the promotion of Richard E. Radi to the position of Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer effective January 1, 2019. On April 25, 2018 the Company Board of Directors promoted Rick to Controller and Treasurer. Rick joined the Company in 1998. He received his [...]
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New Technical Bulletin – Tapes & Labels

A new technical bulletin has been posted on our Adhesives/Sealants Applications page that demonstrates how NEVTAC® LT can be used in a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) formulation to achieve significantly improved tack at low application temperatures. The bulletin provides rheological data showing a reduction in glass transition temperature, Tg, with [...]
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New Product Announcement – NEVTAC® LT Liquid Resin

Neville Chemical Company is pleased to add NEVTAC LT to our C5 resin family of hydrocarbon resins. NEVTAC LT is a low softening point liquid aliphatic hydrocarbon tackifier.  Commercial launch is scheduled for June 2016. This highly aliphatic liquid resin is specifically designed to provide low temperature tackification and flexibility for elastomeric [...]
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Copyright © 2024 Neville Chemical 
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